Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Text your Business Card to 845-274-6953

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions about the site and how things work. If you have any other questions we will always be available by e-mail. You can also use our contact form or the blog page to discuss any additional concerns you might have. Please feel free to make any suggestions for the site.

Any one with a business card can post a card. Take a high resolution digital photo of your business card. Then E-Mail the images to

Home owners can Post! ( One town only. )   

Business owners can Post!  ( First 10 towns free. One $ per town per month after that. )

Employee’s can Post!  ( One card per employment.

All cards must be clean and unmarked!

We will start posting your Business card the same evening you send us your card image!

The card can be displayed in up to 568 towns through out ny & nj online!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, anytime you want you can delete the card. the card can be taken down with one E-Mail to But you lose your spot and the card below you moves up!

Yes you can make changes, # 2 changes per month. All changes will be performed within 72 hrs. All changes must be by E-Mail sent to

The site is constantly growing, for now we cover # 8 Counties in New York and New Jersey! See our Zone Page underneath the categories page.

The first 5 towns are Free! 

Only if the card looks totally different and has a different phone number. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The advertising spots on the town pages are available to any one that sends us a business card! First come first served and that card holds that spot until a paid Ad pushes it out!

All post positions are first come first served! The first paid Ad holds that town page spot until it doesn’t get paid and then the next paid Ad moves up to that spot!

The requirements are that you Have a website an E-Mail Address and a phone number and a business license number.

Only real business cards will be Posted!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The business cards are posted under the corresponding business category and zone pages for each County and Town.

All calls go directly to your phone number, your E-Mail address and your website info that is displayed on the card.

Post your Business Card in 568 Towns!

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Any one can post!

Start Advertising NOW!

Advertising builds brand loyalty !

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Who can Post?  Customers – Employees – Business Owners